2021-22 QVHHL Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our awards after a very interesting first year of the QVHL and HHL combined. Having missed awards for 2020-21 it is indeed satisfying to have the opportunity to celebrate those that have been named winners this year. For this year we are following the protocols of the QVHL Awards so some of the parts that the HHL had, such as an All-Star team are not included this year, We also have a Manager and also a Coach of the Year award but for this year we realize just how much work our Managers and Coaches had just to get this season going and continued and it is more important to just say "Thank you" to all of our Coaches and Managers this year. With the return to hockey rules implemented this year, this just would not have happened this year without their cooperation and leadership. As part of our planning for 2022-23 our awards will be discussed. Both leagues have trophies named in honour of builders of senior teams and it is our intent to make sure these named awards stay in place. They are too important to not have in place. On to our winners....

2021/22 QVHHL Award Winners


League MVP - Mitch Kilgore, Grenfell Spitfires

MVP Local - Kyle Stroh, Odessa/Vibank Bruins

Top Goalie - Mitch Kilgore, Grenfell Spitfires

Top Defenceman - Austin Yano, Milestone Flyers

Top Rookie - Jaxon Tait, Balcarres Broncs

Most Sportsmanlike Player - Sanfred King, Grenfell Spitfires

Leading Scorer (Tyson Sievert Award) - Kevin DuFour, Lumsden Monarchs

Team Goaltending (Gunnar Lindal Award) - Thomas Spence, Riley Ross Milestone Flyers