History Archive

The League was formed in 1965-1966 with teams who originated from three different leagues, Lumsden from a league that went up #11 Highway to Kenaston, Bulyea and Strasbourg from the Loon Creek League and Drake and Govan from the Last Mountain League. 

Since 1965 there has been 24 centers that had teams participating in the league which started as the Highway 20 League, then later changed it's name to it's present one,  Highway Hockey League.

1965 -1966: Bulyea, Drake, Govan, Lumsden and Strasbourg.

1966 -1970: Bethune, Piapot, Liberty/Imperial and Regina Mustangs joined the league. Drake moved to the Long Lake League and Govan dropped out.

1970 -1980: Craik, Regina Canadians, Ipsco and Raymore were added. Imperial moved to Holdfast and back to Imperial. Piapot and the Regina Mustangs/Voyagers dropped out. Govan back in for two years.

1980 -1990: Ipsco renamed to Molson's Exports, Moose Jaw, Regina Westridge Bruins, Wilcox and Indian Head made brief appearances and the league divided into two divisions. In 1984 Imperial left to join the Long Lake League, Southey and Govan/Semans joined followed by Cupar and Dysart in 1985 when the Right Angle Hockey League folded. Bethune dropped out.

1990 - Present: Balcarres joined the league in 1991 and left for the Qu' Appelle Valley Hockey League in 1994. Southey took a one year leave of absence in 1995-1996 and returned the following year. Dysart Blues requested a one year leave for the 1999 - 2000 year. In spring of 2000, the Dysart Blues disbanded the franchise and new teams were added...Avonlea Arrows, Rouleau Ramblers of the defunct Soo Line Hockey League and after a fifteen year absence from the Highway League, the Bethune Bulldogs joined our league. The Rouleau Ramblers would leave league in 2002 and the Wynyard Monarchs would join from the Fishing Lake League in 2002. The Semans Wheat Kings disbanded after a one year leave of absence in 2012. The Southey Marlins disbanded in 2014 and rejoined for the 2017-18 season. The Wynyard Monarchs left the league in 2017 to join the Long Lake Hockey League.

Some of the people who were instrumental in the formation of the league were Bill Johnston of Lumsden, John Schultz of Strasbourg, Ray Johnson and Bill Malcolm of Bulyea. The first Executive was Bill Johnston of Lumsden as President, Stan Currie of Strasbourg as Secretary\Treasurer and John Hubick as Statistician. Other early executive members were, Joe Martin, Ivan Trott, Jim Hall and Merle Comba.  Past presidents were Ivan Trott of Regina, Lowell Lanigan of Strasbourg, Jamie Fry of Southey and Barry Herman of Duval. Current President is Gerry Tomkins of Lumsden. Vice presidents are Llloyd McAfee from Raymore and Bob Gerrard from Southey.Barry Herman from Duval is League Statistician/Treasurer and Jay Holmes from Semans is the League Commissioner.

Key Referee's since 1966 were Darwin Reid, Hilton Hughes, Joe Martin, Roger Vollet, Bill Heinz and Bill Johnston.

Today the Highway Hockey League boosts a high level, top calibre, entertaining hockey and has become one of the best Senior Leagues in Saskatchewan.