President's Update October 8th, 2019

2019-20 Season

Welcome back to our 54th season of Senior hockey. This year there will be an abrupt change to our format. The Cupar Canucks are taking a leave of absence this season. This leaves us with five teams. There has been senior hockey in Cupar for over one hundred years and there will not be this year. We've seen enough of this in our league over the last 25 years. Senior hockey is a staple to many communities in Saskatchewan and has been for many years. Unfortunately there are many changes in the last few years that have affected the make up of our teams and the financial structure used to keep these teams alive. It isn't all external as you must have leadership and comittment from your community to make senior hockey a reality and to make it happen every season. We all continue to celebrate and promote senior hockey in this province and your input and support is appreciated.

This year we will feature an 18 game schedule. The exciting news is that we will be playing an interlocking schedule with the Qu'Appelle Hockey League. The fit is natural. If you look at exhibition games and Provincial games played by our teams in the last few years, the majority of the opponents have been from the QVHL. Each team in our leagues will play six interlocking games. Each team will play every team in the other league once and each team will have an extra game against one team. I would like to thank Chris Pollock from the QVHL for his leadership and assistance in making this happen. There will be 10 interlocking games on December 20th and 21st to start things off between the two leagues. Our entire schedule will be posted in the next week. 

Of course there is more to come...Thank you all for supporting senior hockey and the HHL!